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Animal Care

Boarding & Grooming

Berkeley Lake Animal Hospital offers both routine boarding and medical boarding services. If your pet needs medical attention or monitoring while you are away from home, we will be happy to provide care for your pet in your absence. For our feline friends, we have a boarding facility which is completely separate from the canine boarding area . The cat condos provide our feline boarders with a special view of the outside world as well as much needed peace and quiet.

Expert grooming for dogs and cats is done in our specially equipped grooming salon by an experienced professional groomer with over fifteen years of grooming experience using the finest equipment, and most importantly, tender, loving care.


To keep your pet free from disease, some of which could affect family members, we offer and recommend annual physical examinations, vaccinations, canine and feline heartworm prevention and feline leukemia testing.

In our dedication to the practice of modern medical techniques, we have modeled our vaccination recommendations around current research which will require your pets to have the fewest, yet most-effective, vaccines necessary. Even with modern practices, physical exams are still the best form of disease prevention and detection.


Our hospital maintains a surgical facility with state of the art equipment and instrumentation. This enables our staff to provide the best in surgical care. We also offer in-house blood testing to be sure your pet can safely handle anesthesia before we begin the surgery. We use isoflurane anesthesia which is a gas anesthetic used in human hospitals and is considered the safest anesthetic available.

We also utilize Propofol anesthesia, which is an injectable anesthetic and is extremely safe for our site-hound friends as well as our elderly patients in need of a surgical procedure. Your pet is always monitored before, during and after surgery by one of our highly trained veterinary technicians.


We provide a comprehensive dental service including ultrasonic cleaning, dental extractions and tooth polishing. Preventive dental care is important to your pet to help control loss of teeth, bad breath and heart and kidney complications. We will examine your pet's teeth free of charge as part of a regular exam. This is our way of educating you about the importance of dental care in pets.


Berkeley Lake Animal Hospital provides advanced radiology.We have an in house x-ray unit and automatic processor and can meet all of your pet's radiographic needs.


We offer medical treatment for allergies, hormonal skin problems and other dermatological complications. Please feel free to consult with one of our veterinarians if your pet is experiencing a skin problem.


Our veterinarians have expertise in external and internal parasite control. Common parasites such as roundworm, tapeworms and many others should be checked for on a yearly basis. We also treat fungal diseases such as ringworm.

Laboratory Services

We are able to perform many routine diagnostic tests within the hospital and also utilize the expertise of outside laboratories when appropriate. Strict quality controls are always maintained.

Nutrition Counseling

Veterinarians at Berkeley Lake Animal Hospital often prescribe special diets to help control certain health problems such as heart, kidney, liver and intestinal disease.

Behavior Counseling

When animal training and behavior problems arise, our staff can advise you in the areas of obedience and training. When necessary, we can also refer you to specialists in these areas.


Dr. Sokol has been successful in treating many types of cancer in dogs and cats. Dr. Sokol is not a board certified oncologist. However, she has received extensive oncology training both during and after veterinary school.

Even today, Dr. Sokol continues to study Oncology as part of her continuing education. More importantly, Dr. Sokol has put these practices to use in the real world and has successfully treated many patients.