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Animal Care

Doctor Sokol

Dr. Sokol obtained her Biology and Philosophy undergraduate degrees from Emory University in Atlanta.

After Emory, Dr. Sokol earned her Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine at The Ohio State University in Columbus, Ohio. While still in vet school, she accepted an internship at Sea World. Working with Dr. Sam Dover and national television personality Jack Hannah in Orlando, FL, Dr. Sokol assisted in many projects such as setting up the new Key West exhibit, participating in manatee rescues and performing the exciting day to day responsibilities of a zoo/marine veterinarian.

While at Ohio state, one of Dr. Sokol's primary areas of study was oncology and chemotherapeutic agents under leading oncologist Dr. G. Couto. Since graduating, some of the oncology cases that Dr. Sokol has successfully treated are cats with malignant fibrosarcoma, dogs with lymphosarcoma, leukemia, mast cell tumors, etc. Working with Auburn University, Dr. Sokol has treated many oncology cases that require radiation therapy, chemotherapy, or radical surgery as part of their treatment protocol.

Dr. Sokol is the owner of Berkeley Lake Animal Hospital and is proud to provide quality and compassionate veterinary care to the Duluth and West Gwinnett areas.


Puppy clones? Going once, going twice ...

A Northern California biotech company announced Wednesday that it will clone dogs for the five highest bidders in a series of online auctions. Some ethicists condemned the offer, fearing it could lead to human clones.

Pet sterilization laws raise health concerns

As legislators push for more mandatory spay and neuter laws for pets, critics are crying foul over research showing that such surgeries may raise health risks in dogs.

Shelters create personality test for kitties

It happens to all of us. You fall in love with someone’s looks... but then he’s not quite what you expected. Even, sometimes, if he’s a cat.

‘People foods’ that can kill your pet Think it can't hurt to share your snacks with your pet? Think again. From chocolate to raisins, here's what not to feed Fido — even if he begs.

Dog survives 8 days trapped in rubble A dog was found alive and in relatively good shape after spending eight days trapped in the rubble of a building that exploded, critically injuring the pup's owner.

Ending mismatches

Essential towards the Feline-ality program is always that people differ, too. Adopters complete a questionnaire and also the results provide them with one code, letting them know which group of personality types might be best to allow them to consider.

This program aims to finish animal-human mismatches, frequently grounds felines are came back towards the shelter, Monsma states.

Weiss states this program has assisted to improve adoptions in animal shelters which have examined the Feline-ality program, partially because individuals discover the process fun.

Experts may vary on which particulars of the test can best predict a pet’s behavior within an adoptive home, states animal behaviorist, author and radio host Patricia McConnell.

But she applauds these efforts to enlighten people concerning the variations among felines, which will always be less understood than dogs.

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